Born and raised in the city of Baltimore. I have traveled my own country and currently travel the world. My schooling and internships have taken me south to the great city of Atlanta, GA, 100 miles west to a less than stellar po-dunk town of Lincoln, AL, north to the corn fields of Rolla, MO, further west to Topeka, KS and ultimately back to our nations great capital, Washington, DC. I have seen and done a lot over the years and now it is time to embark on a new adventure.

I lived in The Philippines for 2 years during which time I traveled much of Southeast Asia and several Pacific Islands. I will spare no gritty detail about my life or experiences thus far. Most of my friends and family will never have the opportunity to see the things that I will so in efforts to allow them to experience what I do, I created this blog.

Now living in Sweden I continue the adventures around Europe and beyond. Hopefully you enjoying viewing my experiences half as much as I enjoyed living it!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Great Blog…. I found it when i did a search on Majuro. Im going there this week and was doing some intel. i love all the places you have been and it’s great to see that im not the only black person that REALLY loves to travel.

  2. Really love your blog! Quick question – do you ever work with a travel planner? I want to go somewhere but don’t know where/what’s best for my budget. So I’m considering a travel planner. Would love to know your thoughts!

    1. Hello, thanks for the love! I do not work with a travel planner but my company does plan personalized travel experiences. Let me know if you need any advice or to have an awesome trip planned for you!

  3. Hello, I found your blog from black + abroad. I’d like to ask you more about your living in Sweden. Are we able to connect over email?

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