Three Days in Zambia

Part of my most recent trip to Africa was visiting Zambia and Zimbabwe. These countries are directly next to each other and divided by the Zambezi River pictured behind me. A previous post I made showed us rafting down the Zambezi (best time ever!) but this post shows a little more of the scenery. The picture below is taken from the Zimbabwe side.

Yes, we all sat on the edge of a cliff to get these shots. I mean, you don’t go all the way to Zimbabwe to sit on the sidelines do you?

Apparently the hotel we stayed at was literally inside of a wild game park so we saw all types of animals right there on the property. There Paul is standing right next to a real live zebra. He did not want to get too close though, nobody knows how wild animals will react and definitely do not want to be one of “those” people that has something crazy happen to them.

In this photo I am about 10-15 feet away from a giraffe. Forget about riding on a safari truck trying to get close. We were right there at ground zero!

Clearly we had a moment. I felt things I don’t think I have felt for an animal before. Look at those eyes, you can’t tell me you don’t feel it too! Lol 😛

The locals would throw rocks at the baboons to keep them away. The Asian and European tourists would throw food at them to get them to come closer. I bet those baboons were so very confused. I wonder, who was wrong in that situation, the tourists or the locals? You decide…

They are so like us! This little guy was sitting here snacking on a piece of bread. I am certain his mannerisms mimicked real people that I have seen before.

I happened to capture this cool shot of a warthog family. This is as close as I was willing to get though, I know they are very protective of their young and I was not in the mood to outrun an angry mama.

You gotta dab on ’em!

My travel squad

Headed back home to the hotel we saw elephants crossing the road. That was a helluva sight to see. Those animals are so majestic but trust me you do not want to be on the wrong end of an encounter with one. I really wish the continent of Africa got the credit it deserves. There is so much to see and the nature is so pure there. I truly felt like I was “home” the entire time I was there. Hopefully my travels find me there again soon.

2 thoughts on “Three Days in Zambia

  1. Am from Zambia and have crossed that border about 6 times and once those damn baboons grabbed my bag😂I think when you are that familiar, 1/2 stones is a saver. So am with the locals on this one…great Shots👍🏽

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