The Balkans: Belgrade, Serbia

When I told my dad I went to Serbia for a little weekend getaway his response was “you are the only person I know who goes to Serbia of all places for vacation”. This may very well be true, and I also did not think tourism was a major thing in Serbia. I am happy to say I stand corrected. Serbia is one of those place I would like to call a “hidden gem”. It has great weather, the people are extremely passionate and friendly, the cost of living is low therefore making everything affordable, the women are GORGEOUS and the nightlife is insane! Belgrade is actually ranked as one of the top places to party in the world. Yea, who knew, right?

All of the above are reasons why my friends and I decided to pay this place a visit and boy was it worth it. This will NOT be my last time in Serbia, thats for sure.

A few pictures I snapped riding from the airport to the city centre. IMG_0801 IMG_0802 IMG_0805 Remnants of the war. This building as well as several others have not been fixed. This is kind of a harsh reminder of what this country has gone through. I couldn’t imagine what it would have felt like for that to have been my place of business or my backyard. IMG_0807 I just thought this skeleton key looking thing was interesting. It was a bit bulky in my pocket. IMG_0811 IMG_0812 Taking a stroll down one of the walking streets in the city.IMG_0813We ended up at some random bar on a Wednesday night. They had a live band and everything. This young lady was very nice. She was so fascinated as to why I was in her country (as there are very few tourists here, let lone a Black American), so after much conversation I figured we should capture the memory.
IMG_0824 IMG_0826 IMG_0833_2 Ribs were for lunch. Cost me about 5 USD. For the win!IMG_0834 IMG_0841_2 IMG_0846_2 Mi compadresIMG_0848_2

Hanging out at the fortress.IMG_0852 IMG_0854_2 IMG_0864 IMG_0865 IMG_0868 IMG_0872

I decided to scale a wall at the fortress. You cant tell how high I was but I was about 7 meters up, no ropes. IMG_0877 Discussing the nights festivities. IMG_0878_2 IMG_0880 I thought they only had toilets like this in “The Godfather”. I was wrong. So it deserved a picture.IMG_0881_2 Serbians love their meats and I can get with that! Our appetizers consisted of a various deli type meats, cheeses, and the dark brown pieces in the middle of the picture are actually horse meat. This dish they consider to be like a natural viagra. IMG_0882 The main course had 5 different kinds of meat on it. The salad in the top of the picture had some sort of soft Serbian cheese on it. It had the consistency of a creamy feta. It was unlike anything I had ever had before so thats the best thing that I can compare it to but it was delicious!IMG_0883_2 Cant go wrong with a Jack & Coke.IMG_0928_2 IMG_0934 IMG_0961 IMG_0965 At the airport on our last day. I was exhausted, dehydrated, and ready to get back home. Until we meet again Serbia…IMG_0988

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