A Weekend in Ibiza

I met a friend in Ibiza for a few days and a stop in Barcelona was on the way. I was only in Barcelona for one night because my flight was early the next morning to Ibiza but the following few pictures are what I saw while there.


This is where the Ibiza pictures begin. It was around 10am when I arrived and my friend arrived much later so I spent a little time walking the beach. Clearly, nobody else was awake.IMG_6272IMG_3785IMG_3792I am not sure what this style of coffee is called but it was the best I have ever had. I have been trying for months trying to recreate it but nothing is quite the same. Not even Starbucks. Guess I need to go back to Spain to have it done right.

IMG_3794IMG_3797IMG_6279IMG_6280The view looking out from our suite. I arrived so early to the hotel that our room was not ready. I waited for hours by the pool sipping Pina Coladas until it was ready. The gentleman at the front desk said because I was so kind and patiently waiting they decided to upgrade us to the penthouse suite. EPIC.


Authentic paella. nothing better.

Some sort of flounder I am guessing? I couldnt read the menu but I knew it was fish. Turned out to be delicious.IMG_3951IMG_3945IMG_6285

I have no idea what I was saying but I am sure it was extrememly important. Why is my shirt unbuttoned??? Ushuaia thats why…IMG_3924

Ushuaia hosts one of the biggest hotel pool parties I have ever seen. I would never stay at this hotel because its literally a nonstop party and you would never be able to get any sleep. But the partying on the other hand is completely out of control! There was so much energy there. I don’t even like house music but that night, it was the best thing ever.


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