Budapest, Hungary

What an awesome place and such a quaint little city. I did not have extensive knowledge about Hungary other than the sausage, but that did not stop me from picking it as a weekend destination. I am always up for travel to a new place so in my eyes, Budapest is a good as any.


I used to love Strongbow in college and had no idea that there was more than one flavor. Naturally I had to buy all of them when I discovered these.IMG_4200

Across from my hotel was this building. As you can see it has been riddled with bullets. Product of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.IMG_6421A few minutes walk from the hotel was this magnificent street. It was so clean I felt like you could eat off of the ground!

Hanging out with some of the locals at an outside cafe type place.IMG_4215The next day I did some sightseeing…
IMG_6427Looking across the river at the Buda side from the Pest side.

OF COURSE I had to visit the famous Gellert Thermal Bath. It was as gorgeous inside as I had heard and was in quite good shape considering it was built in the early 1900s and suffered some damage as a result of the war.

*Note: (The below pictures of the inside of the spa I pulled from the internet so I cant take credit for taking them. As luck would have it, my GoPro camera that I was planning to use inside died from the night before. Nevertheless, I can attest that these pictures are completely accurate of its interior.)

Gellért_Gyogyfurdo_-_Budapest Gellert-Bath-Palace-Budapest Picture-67

IMG_6447IMG_6462IMG_6464IMG_6466IMG_4256IMG_4261I did my research about this place prior to my arrival so I had heard about a spa party at another thermal bath/spa on the other side of town. Reading about it on the internet made it seem like a great idea but I was sadly mistaken when I got there. The spa was definitely as beautiful as I had seen on the website, however, the party was reminiscent of a college party, with an “American Pie” type flavor. I felt far too old to be there and frankly it was too cold in the evening to be running around soaking wet in swimming trunks. I decided to just have a beer and watch the “kids” have fun.

IMG_4271 IMG_4273 IMG_4276 
My final day of vacation consisted of typical touristic picture taking. I don’t know what any of the buildings are, I just rode a bicycle and snapped pictures of things I thought were cool as I rode by. Of the cool sights… my fellow American lol

IMG_6481 IMG_6484 IMG_6486 IMG_6502 IMG_6505

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