Paris, France

Anytime is a good time to go to Paris. It is exactly as awesome as everyone told you it is. I had a wonderful time out there exploring the city and eating delicious foods. Im sure I will be back many times over the next few years. Where shall I begin?

Lets start with the subway that was jam packed from wall to wall! It reminded me of the train in the Philippines except everyone was taller. Lol.


First stop was the Basilica. I don’t remember exactly which one this was as I visited several monuments in a short period of time but this was the first of the evening. Totally gorgeous. IMG_1191 IMG_1209

Dinner time in the African district. We made reservations at a Moroccan restaurant. Below are frog legs. Frog legs are delicious.IMG_1202

This is a bowl of escargot. My first time eating them and I was a little leery about eating snails but I have a strict “try anything once policy” so I dove in. Surprisingly they were delicious. Very creamy consistency and similar in taste and texture to clams. IMG_1210

Our main course was a 1kg steak cooked to perfection, served on a hot stone.  Paired with a red wine that I have never tasted before but surely will be an addition to my collection.
IMG_1205 IMG_1206

Riding in the cab we passed the famous Moulin Rouge Club. Maybe next time I will actually go inside.IMG_1208

The next day my mission was to see the Eiffel tower. Normally I am not a romantic type of dude but this is a great place to propose to a woman. Who can say no in front of that? hahaIMG_1214

As I stand there and marvel in amazement…IMG_1321 IMG_1241

First meal of the day. Not sure what to call it other than a chicken hoagie stuffed with wedge fries. Nom nom nom…IMG_1242

This totally caught my attention. Show of hands, who knows what this is? I gotta be honest, I certainly didn’t. Well its sausages. Various types of meats mixed with different spices. The idea is to cut small slice and serve with bread, wine, and or cheese. It helped that there was a cute girl enticing me to try it so yea, I bought a couple. And they were great!IMG_1245 IMG_1247

Around mid day I felt like doing some shopping and since it was almost Christmas (at the time) I decided to treat my parents to something nice. Below I am enjoying a glass of Veuve Cliquot in the Louis Vuitton store on Champs Elysees. IMG_1260 IMG_1272

And of course the Arc de Triomphe which is down the street from the LV store.IMG_1318 IMG_1280

Notre Dame Cathedral. Gorgeous architecture.
IMG_1283 IMG_1284

This little girl was having soooo much fun with the pigeons. IMG_1286

You can’t go to Paris without eating crepes. Here was my chosen creperie.IMG_1289 IMG_1316

The bridge below is pretty cool. All the lovers put locks on the bridge to symbolize their eternity together. Definitely a sight to see. What interests me however is how many people broke up a week after they put the lock here? Furthermore, did they go back and take it off or nah? Lol.IMG_1292 IMG_1294

The Louve.IMG_1298 IMG_1300

Finishing up the evening with drinks at Kong. Man, I LOVE Paris. 🙂IMG_1315

2 thoughts on “Paris, France

  1. Looks like you hit everything notable in Paris! Hubs and I will definitely make our way to Paris one day.

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