Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am now in Europe so this adventure has begun. My friends came to visit me in Sweden (which will be showcased in the next post) but they wanted to stop in Amsterdam on the way. We were only there for a weekend but it was an awesome time. Let me just say that everything you have heard about Amsterdam is true. The good, the bad, and definitely the ugly. This will not be my last visit thats for sure!

When I arrived at the apartment we rented for the weekend my friend placed this in my hand. Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!


Our place was a tad on the small side but it was very nice. And for a couple of guys it was more than enough.IMG_0788

Walking around the city on friday evening…IMG_0791 IMG_0792 IMG_0793 IMG_0794 IMG_0802

On Saturday night we roamed the city and stumbled upon this awesome mural. Photo op of course.IMG_1022 IMG_0808The beauty of this city is unreal. The canals look exactly like every tourism magazine I have ever seen. People ride bikes out here like its going out of style. I wish we rode bikes more in America like this but we prefer huge, flashy, gas guzzling cars lolIMG_0824On the mission to find food!

So I don’t remember this girls name but she was super cool. We met her and her friends, whom were also on vacation, and we linked up to find good parties in the area. I have never done that much walking to find a party in my life.IMG_0829 IMG_0830 IMG_0832

Postcard worthy. If anyone wants to use it you have my permission… for a fee 🙂IMG_0833

Only in Amsterdam will you see a mural like this one. No idea what it says but its very cool.IMG_0838

Anyone up for a game of giant chess?IMG_0839

I swear I didn’t know they still made bubblicious!! IMG_0840

Gearing up for the night.IMG_0846

Can you tell we have a thing for watches?IMG_0858

Ok so after looking at how few pictures I had from this trip I remember now that I lost my memory card for my camera after this trip. All of the above pictures were taken with my iPhone. Pretty good, huh?

More posts to follow covering the Thanksgiving festivities!

2 thoughts on “Amsterdam, Netherlands

  1. This is my first time posting a reply even though I always read your posts lol…this was awesome! I’m planning to make a trip to Amsterdam in the near future, maybe we can link up and you can show me around lol

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