Boracay: Round 2!

My time in the Philippines is nearing and end so I am pretty sure this will be my last trip to Boracay. Though I am moving soon, the blog and adventures will continue in another country! Anyway, one of my best friends from childhood decided to finally come visit me but she insisted that I take hr to the beach and what better place to go than Boracay? Exactly! We were only there for a weekend but we definitely tore it up! It will be one of the best memories I have had out here, look and see… 🙂

The day started out gloomy but man did it get better!


Obama is loved everywhere LOL


Swedish girls and English guys. They were hella cool on our party boat. I cant wait to see them soon!

IMG_5045 IMG_5049 IMG_5062

Apparently something hysterical was said!

IMG_5076 IMG_5091IMG_5100


I am looking down from 15 meters. Its alot higher than it looks from below.IMG_5162 IMG_5165IMG_5185

They were ready to go once I did it. I think they were trying to see if I was seriously going to jump from that high, of course i did!IMG_5208 IMG_5213 IMG_5214 IMG_5217 IMG_5235

Meka was ready to goIMG_5241 IMG_5245

After more cliff diving and considerably more drinking we decided to eat a little. At this all inclusive island they prepared all kinds of filipino foods for us. Lumpia, pancit, adobo, etc to name a few were on the menu. Honestly after all of the excitement of the whole experience I have no idea if the food was even good. Doesn’t matter though because the company was…

All of the guys pictured below are European either from England or Scotland or some other country in the area. Super cool guys that I will definitely look up in the very near future since I will be relocating there.

IMG_5252 IMG_5257 IMG_5259

The Swedes!!!! Cool chicks. Can’t wait to hang out with them again 🙂IMG_5269

I don’t know what the fascination was with this pineapple but I promise it was passed all around the party lol IMG_5272 IMG_5288 IMG_5294 IMG_5297 IMG_5299

Boracay I will miss you. Scandinavia here I come!!!

2 thoughts on “Boracay: Round 2!

  1. By far one of the best vacations I ever been on. I’m glad you enjoyed Ariel’s Point – the highlight of my entire stay on Boracay Island. I jumped from every plank despite not knowing how to even float properly lol. Great post, great memories!

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