Bohol, Philippines: A Great Adventure!

Over the weekend I decided to take a random trip to Bohol. I had done my research long before I got to The Philippines so this place was definitely on my lis of places to see. Even in a weekend I could not take advantage of all of the great experiences this place had to offer but I got a good start!

The first stop on the tour surprisingly enough was to see the Bayoyoy! (little man) This man is the smallest man in The Philippines measuring in at under 3 feet tall. Not only that but he is over 60 years old now! I forgot what disease they told me he had but somehow he managed to become a part of the tour. It kind of made me feel uncomfortable that I wanted to photograph him but his niece welcomed me in their home to talk and said I could take a picture. I couldn’t refuse! So, here he is.

He did not want to look up. I think he had an attitude. Part of me didn’t wanna get too close in case he jumped on me and tried to bite me or something. I don’t know, stranger things have happened so I wasn’t taking any chances lol.

The next stop was Dauis Church, one of the oldest churches in The Philippines. This church also is noted for having a fresh water well that has not run dry since its discovery in the mid 1800’s. What is more, the land is surrounded by the ocean (salt water) but the well remained fresh. The locals even believed it to have mystical healing powers. Even to this day they still bottle the water and it is available for consumption. And the answer is YES, of course I helped myself to a bottle.

The next stop was to Hinagdanan Cave. Down the dirt road we goooo…

Gotta love that “Tandy”…

The cave started out dark like the below picture, but after some camera adjustments I was able to get the full beauty of the cave. All of the rest of the cave pictures were illuminated by natural light. Man this camera is awesome!!!

Next stop: The Shell Museum.  Who knew that shell collecting was such a huge hobby?! I sure didn’t. This place had thousands of shells in it. One she in particular is no bigger than a grain of rice and worth over 1,000 USD!!! Maybe I am in the wrong field…

Afterwards we stopped at another church. There’s A LOT of historical churches in the Philippines, especially in Bohol.

Finally back to the hotel after night fall. The view was pretty gorgeous. The pool water was even warm well into the night.

Next stop, to see the tarsiers…




My tribute to the tarsiers 🙂

The man-made forest…

Next stop, the butterfly sanctuary. This place was pretty cool. I put some things in my hand I wouldn’t usually have picked up. Kinda weird but hey, YOLO right?

This is some sort of caterpillar. Its super ugly so I am sure it made a beautiful butterfly full grown.

The butterfly is playing dead…

Climbing the steps to the Chocolate Hills. Of course I needed to hydrate myself with San Mig Light first!




A little lunch buffet on the Loboc River floating restaurant.


This picture has nothing to do with anything I just think its absolutely hilarious. People still match outfits like that?… Asians do…


A little singing and dancing entertainment along the way…



I hit the zoo next to see some exotic creatures I might not have otherwise seen.

IMG_4257 IMG_4261 IMG_4262 IMG_4264 IMG_4269 IMG_4272

Finishing off the day with the Blood Compact.



One thought on “Bohol, Philippines: A Great Adventure!

  1. Dude, I would have an attitude if I was 60 years old, 3 feet tall and some random person was coming to take a picture with me. lol.

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