Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei (Borneo)

I remember being a kid and watching a movie called “Surf Ninjas” and they surfed out in Borneo. It looked like such a cool place that I always fantasized about visiting one day. Years later by nothing other than God’s grace I was blessed with the opportunity to visit there. It didnt occur to me that Brunei and Borneo are the same place and then it dawned on me. Temporary blonde moment, don’t judge me šŸ™‚

I was not there for very long, but during the brief trip I was able to snap a few pictures. The main thing I noticed about this place was not only that it is a very rich country but also that they are very Muslim! All around were gorgeous mosques. I wanted to go visit some even though I am not of the Islamic faith but just to enjoy the beauty of the architecture. Well, I didn’t but I did take some pictures from afar anyway.

And here are a couple randoms from when I was driving around the city. By the way they drive on the left side of the street. It is surprisingly difficult to drive on the left side when you are used to driving on the right. A couple times I even caught myself driving on the wrong side of the street. Lol. Luckily nothing was coming…

Here are a few pics that I took driving around…

Here is another mosque. This one was super huge!!

I dont know what this building is but it was huge. I couldnt get too close to it because it was further away than I needed to drive so this is the best that I could get!

And then here is the mosque at night. It looks pretty #dope

Unfortunately this is one of my shorter posts. What can I say, I was only there for a day! But it happens from time to time. not to worry, I have a few more big trips planned so I will be filling this page with more traveling escapades šŸ™‚

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