Hanoi, Vietnam

About 2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Hanoi, Vietnam. Of course because I am American I was a little leery about going to Vietnam since our countries were at war at some time and even to this day the very mention of Vietnam sends chills up peoples spines. I was not one of those people but I was not quite sure what to expect. Regardless it was an opportunity to see a new place and hopefully see some history while I was there as well. The city from what I saw was like any other big city I have been to. I can’t say there was anything out of the usual other than the massive amount of motorbikes that were on the street but of course you will see pictures of those to follow.

I stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel which is one of the nicest hotels in the city. Here is my room, me at breakfast, a few interiors view, etc. Whatever… I don’t have to explain every single picture, you can figure it out. Lol. 🙂

What I did to that plate of food just wasn’t pretty!

The hotel was beautiful, it was on a lake.

Thats a fresh honey comb that is held over a tray and the drippings are caught and funneled into a jar. I had some fresh honey on my waffles.

The hotel had an exclusive lounge that you needed a special pass to access. Well, I had that pass. They served free champagne, liquor, wine, etc as well as some “foo foo” hors d’oeurves. I call them that because I feel like its nothing any normal person would order but since I was in a fine hotel they served the finer foods that I don’t normally eat. I was saving a lot of money by pigging out on everything they had there instead of going out to eat at a real restaurant.

I went to some spot called Tre BBQ for lunch on of the days I was there and I couldn’t read most of what was on the menu. Go figure.

This is the location that Ho Chi Minh was buried at. Ironically its in Hanoi not Ho Chi Minh.

Notice the motorbike with 4 people on it. That sight is not unlikely in Vietnam. I actually have seen more but my camera just wasn’t handy at the moment.

I thought it was the cutest thing to see girls wearing high heels and skirts bu yet riding scooters to work. Nevre saw that before. Also notice what she has on. She has a jacket with a matching face mask for smog. And the sleeves of her jacket have little flaps so that her hands don’t et dirty while riding. How cool is that? Lol.

There are literally more motorbikes than cars in this city. In fact, the city simply would not work if half the people that were on bikes had cars instead. Its just too many people! One of the big things to do here is walk across a street. Seemingly a simple task it is very interesting. There is a sea of motorbikes at every intersection but if you walk across the street they just weave around you with no problem. Ironically enough, if you stop walking to try to avoid them you are more likely to cause an accident because they have already planned how they were going to avoid you. Its pretty funny to see it in person. Yes, I walked across a busy street and had no problem. Couldn’t do this in the states, not if you wanted to live to talk about it. Hahaha.

Along one of the main streets they have a wall that is covered in a never ending mural made of colorful tiles.

The hotel at night. Such a regal sight.

Each night in the executive lounge they served free drinks and food. I can’t even name most of the stuff on my plate but it was good to say the least.

We found a pretty cool bar that served shisha. By now I am a certified shisha snob. I really know my stuff. So wherever I find myself in the world if they offer shisha I am there!

These people are super efficient with space. Somebody please tell me how the hell she did that?! Again, another common sight on the streets of Hanoi.

I had the opportunity to dine at the finest restaurant in Hanoi, Jackson’s. It is a steakhouse that offers meats from around the world prepared to your taste. This place was absolutely delicious. I spent more money on that meal than I have spent in a while but it was well worth it. I made reservations and they had my name on my table. Simple thrill but I was impressed.

This menu is JUST the wine list!

Below is the food menu. I ordered the Wagyu beef, arguable the best and most tender steak in the world. In fact, Wagyu cows live better lives than many people. These cows are massaged daily, they eat the best foods, and the even ge read bed time stories. No, seriously. If you don’t believe me, Google it! I just got the Sirloin but even that was almost 1.5 million VND!

That my friends is the finest steak money can buy sitting on my plate waiting to be devoured. Sh*t was DELICIOUS!!!!!!

I don’t know what this was but I thought it was cool so I took a picture in front of it.

Crossing a busy street at night…

One of the many night markets in town. The had some interesting stuff there too. That second picture, I don’t thikn Calvin Klein would be happy about but you KNOW I bought some anyway. I had to. Lol.

I bet you can’t tell which way traffic is going… Thats ok, neither could I and I was there.

I forgot to add these the first time I updated the blog because the files were in a different folder but here is the famous Halong Bay.

* Disclaimer: The above pictures of Halong Bay, I didn’t actually take with my own camera. The other pictures I took on a previous trip here a week ago. On this trip I forgot my camera so I will not be able to photograph this place when I go there tomorrow. But I figured my blog wouldn’t be complete without pictures from here. And since I actually am going there tomorrow (June 1st, 2012) it still counts right?  Great, glad you understand. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Hanoi, Vietnam

  1. I loved the pictures!!! Goodness that steak looks absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing and keep living life =) Ciao!

  2. This is absolutely breath taking and amazing. I feel like I am there just by seeing the amazing pictures. Take it all in, and i know you are enjoying yourself.

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