Taipei, Taiwan

A couple weeks ago I went to Taiwan for a little week long trip. On the plane I saw one of the funniest things that induced an instant outburst! I know everyone around me was wondering why I erupted in laughter but if you saw this in the paper, Im sure you would have too. Now I don’t know what this article says because I don’t speak Mandarin but like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! My first words were… “They’re so like us!” lol.

Unfortunately on this trip I didn’t get out very much because I actually had to work and by the time I got back to my hotel room I didn’t really feel like going out. Consequently I do not have very many pictures to post but here are a few.

Apparently there was some Dior event going on that week so Dior was plastered all over everything in the city. This building here is called Taipei 101. They have some pretty damn good food in Taiwan, not what I am used to eating in Manila. Every night for dinner we ate at a different spot in Taipei 101. The food was soooo good, the city was super clean. The service was even good too. There was a language barrier indeed but I didn’t do so bad at pointing at things I wanted. Its a good thing they had pictures in most restaurants we went to.

We were walking to Outback from our hotel…

Here is the Dior event that was going on. It was super fly I must admit. I wish my boy Black was with me because we are known for finagling our way into places without a ticket or an invitation. Somehow we just manage to get in most places. Anyway, he was not here so I couldn’t use my normal tactics.

They had all of the guests arrive in 7 series blacked-out BMW’s.They were doing it big!!! I caught a picture of the entrance way below.

Here’s me in one of the many night markets. For those of you that are familiar with Taiwan you may have heard of “stinky tofu”. Well I didn’t taste any of it (and for good reason) but my nose sure found it very quickly. This smell is unmistakeable. And for the life of me I cannot figure out why anyone would want to eat something called “stinky tofu”. It stinks. Literally. The best thing I can compare it to is fresh “chitlins” (chitterlings, for those that don’t know the previous term) but way worse. The smell is awful and you can smell it quite a far distance away. I would say it goes in the top 5 worst things I have ever smelled.  Well, here it is below.

There was an assortment of street food that was out. Most of which I didn’t want to try but looked interesting nonetheless. The first picture below is pure sugar cane. This was the first time I saw it in real life.

Grilled squid…

Duck necks and some other stuff I can’t identify…

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