Koror, Palau

Over the past few weeks I have been to several different countries, almost more than I even wanted to be gone. However, I did end up taking some pretty good pictures as well as getting to experience something new which is what I am all about. Anytime there is an opportunity to make a memory I am all about that. These pictures are from my first time visiting Koror. It only took one visit to get most of the cool pictures so the second tim I was there was spent relaxing on the beach.

This is the view of the lagoon at my hotel from my room as well as a few closer pictures of the lagoon. They had plenty of different kinds of fish in the lagoon along with a sea turtle and a stingray that I managed to catch a picture of.

Some of the Palauan guys that were at the hotel. They were pretty cool guys and quite fond of Americans.

Thats me out there testing the water in the back of the hotel in their man made beach.

After the beach we decided to drive through town and see some sights. Hence why here next few pictures are all taken from the car. By the way Palau is pretty much just a group of islands similar to The Philippines but smaller so the bridges in the below picture as what connected all of the islands.

Now I don’t know how much gas is back in the states since I haven’t been home in 6 months but to me this is pretty high, correct me if I’m wrong… lol

Ok so this was the first time I drove a car on the other side so I had to take a picture. Its actually not as bad as you think. But everything is in reverse so I kept hitting my windshield wipers hen I was trying to signal hahaha….

At the pool. NIiiiiiccceee…


So the hotel was primary populated by Japanese tourists. I was literally the only American there. Even though I couldn’t communicate with them (nor were they interested in speaking to me at all) I did find a coupe girls that were friendly enough to try to break the language barrier. It was funny trying to talk to them because one of them spoke no english and the other only a little. But it was nice meeting them and trying to get to know them.


While in Palau I stumbled upon some World War 2 history. Below is a communications tower that the Japanese used during the war. Americans bombed the HELL out of it but I guess they had good construction because it was still standing. It was interesting walking around in there imagining what it must have been like in there under heavy mortar fire and such. There were even bullet holes in the walls and a few live rounds I found walking around as well.

Also I heard from the divers in the community ( Palau is a world renown dive spot, pretty much the only reason why people travel from across the world to come here) that there were hundreds of bombs on sunken ships that had not yet detonated. A friend of mine told me she saw the pins still in some of the bombs when she dove some of the wrecks. Kinda scary if you ask me…


In Palau they have these hand made crafts called story boards, which illustrate various stories in the development of the country. Many men from the country will take a piece of wood and make masterpieces that tell he story. A funny story is that the  best place to get the story boards from is the local jail so of course I had to make a trip to check out the merchandise. Coming into the jail I had a certain price set in my head that I was willing to pay but when I got in there, everything that I liked was a minimum of double what I was ring to pay. Luckily I had a local Palauan woman come with me to help with the negations. The guy who was running the store was not happy with my price and what I found out was that the prisoners themselves set the price for the art work. Who knew prisoners could run legitimate businesses in jail? I sure didn’t. After a few more moments of back and forth the store keeper decides that he will let the prisoner negotiate with me. I wasn’t sure how exactly this was going to work but before I could even react, he called ou into the yard for the prisoner to come in. I figured he and I would be talking through bullet proof glass or something….  I was wrong.

The prisoner comes out into the store, which is the general public mind you, and proceeded to tell me that he would not let that art work go for that price. Luckily for me, the woman who came with me was family so she was able to talk him down for me. Its a small world, and Palau is even smaller.

Anyway, my one of a kind, hand made, Palauan art work is below. I don’t remember hat the story was exactly but I have a copy of it at my house. Personally I bought it because I liked it but I figured I should at least hold onto the literature behind it.


And finally the hotel staff. Almost all of the working force in Palau is filipina, dare I say 90%. That says one of two things to me, if not both but I will let you come to your own conclusions about that. Anyway, here are a couple girls that were very friendly and helpful during my stay. Ill be seeing them again soon I’m sure.


7 thoughts on “Koror, Palau

  1. I love your story and pictures. I lived on the island of Koror when I was a kid…1950 ~ 1956. My father supervised the first project of building a sub-station, for electricity. I’m hoping to get back there this year. Thanks again for the lovely pictures.



    1. Im glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reading my blog. Koror is a beautiful place so I am looking forward to returning there soon! Hopefully next time I will be PADI certified so I can get some diving in 🙂

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