Black Tie Brawl, Manila Philippines

One of my good friends from college was working in Singapore recently. Yes, Morehouse College Alumni are global. #AskAboutUs Anyway, since he was so close to The Philippines he decided to come to Manila to visit me. Later I went to Singapore to visit him but I posted pictures from there a long time ago. I don’t know how I forgot to post these. I guess I was just going through my computer just now and realized that I never put these up. Well here you go.

I got invited to a “Black Tie Brawl” which is an MMA fight that was sponsored by Rogue Magazine. Tickets were dumb expensive but well worth it!

This was right before we left for the fight. Just got fresh real quick and our #Swag was on 1000…

There were all kinds of exotic cars parked out front of the hotel but this Maserati was my favorite.

I don’t know who these guys were specifically but they were some rich guys. One of them was driving the Maserati I believe.

We were hanging out enjoying the beverages before the fight started. It was open bar so you KNOW we got it IIIINNNNNNNN!!!!

When we finally entered, the whole setup was #DOPE. We had ringside seats that came with fine cigars, Mumm champagne, wine, and of course all the free liquor we could drink. It was a very nice event.

As you can see, my boy was feelin’ himself LOL…

And why not? We were at an invite only, exclusive event in one of the finest hotels in The Philippines. Sipping fine cognac, surrounded by models and actresses, and poppin’ bottles of expensive champagne. Wouldn’t you be feelin’ yourself too?

The band…

The ring girls…

And so the fight begins…

After the fight was over we got a chance to meet some of the fighters…

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