Talisayen Cove, Zambales, Philippines

After all the hard work we do during the week, my friends/coworkers and I needed to relax and enjoy our three day weekend. Manila is a pretty decent city but it is mandatory that you get out of the city as often as possible just to remain sane. Its easy to miss how beautiful The Philippines is if you stay in the city the entire time. All that I have seen outside of the city is absolutely gorgeous. This past weekend was nothing short of that.

Ok so basically my boy knows a girl who knows a guy who owns an island. We decided to get a bunch of friends together and rent the island for the weekend. Yes, you read correctly, we rented the island for the weekend. We had a cove all to ourselves to just relax and lay in the sun. The pictures below give a little taste of what it was like. Surprisingly enough I didn’t really take many pictures here. I was too busy doing absolutely nothing. And I loved it.

When we first got there, this is only like half of all the gear we took out there.

This is the boat we took to get to the cove. The cove is not accessible by land at all. We had to take like an hour boat ride to get around to the actual cove.

Me and my friends as we were making our way to the cove.

The girls that went with us did all the cooking for the weekend. Food was delicious!!! I think this was our first meal, its chili prawns. Man that was good! Doesn’t it look good?!

Not to mention this food was not cooked in a kitchen, this food was cooked right on the beach. The below picture is the set up. We had bungalos out on the beach but most of us just camped out in tents right on the sand.

This is probably my favorite picture of the trip. The guys that ran the island came out and made us a bonfire every night. This is me on the left and two of my friends sitting out smoking shisha. It was the most relaxing thing I have done in a long while. I never had the opportunity to have a deserted beach all to myself until now. There was not one sound except the fire crackling and us laughing all night. Super chill night!

This is what I woke up to…

I guess somebody wanted to be a mermaid 🙂

Before we decided to play football on the beach (which is actually a lot more tiring than you would think)

My boy Ben was sleep here for like 3 hours I swear! The hammocks were pretty comfortable though.

Soooooo the football game shall commence…

(above) Thats me getting ready to “moss” the hell out of them! The  next picture I am scoring a touchdown. Notice my boy diving to tackle me… And missing! (below)

This picture is also one of my favorites because it looks like we were having a genuinely good time. Well, we were. Plus, look at that island in the background. How cool is that view?

Later we decided to go on a hiking trip. Here is the whole group of us, minus like 3 girls…

We hiked up a river to the a waterfall. Along the way were several little pools of water like the one below. We stopped for a swim on our ay up and down.

My boy Ben decided to do some backflips off the rocks and I caught a shot of him in mid air. It was pretty dope! Also, the guide that we had with us wanted to show off so he jumped from the top of the waterfall.

The boat ride home…



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