Kolonia, Pohnpei, Micronesia and my Extended Familia

Ok so on my last blogged I mentioned that I also went to Pohnpei on my trip and that there were too many pictures to include in that one so I needed to create a new blog. Well, here is it. On my way back from Majuro, Marshall Islands, I stopped to the island of Pohnpei which is apart of the larger country of Micronesia. This is also another small group of islands in the south pacific ocean. I stopped here for work but I was very excited to be here because one of my favorite cousins is half Micronesian so i took the opportunity to meet the other half of her family. My aunt put me in contact with her sisters, on the island and they showed me a damn good time. I can’t wait to go back!

I don’t know what exactly these things are but they appear to have grown like this from the ground. In another area I could see the shallow water covering them so I don’t know if this section just went dry or what. Either way it looked weird so I took a picture.

Everyone has pics on this island and not necessarily to eat. Let me rephrase that. The pigs are not necessarily for the owners consumption. It is their culture to have pigs for funerals. Similar to how we do in the states and bring food to the family of the deceased, they bring a pig. The pig is roasted and everyone feasts. Ive never had a roasted pig before but hell, I like everything on the pig from the rooter to the tooter so next time I am in Pohnpei hopefully I can try it. Not on account of someones funeral though, but you know what I mean…

Here is Sokehs Peak. I climbed Sokehs Ridge but next time I will be taking the more dangerous route and climbing this peak. According to my uncle, there is a section on the way up where you have to climb a tree, walk all the way out the limb and jump to the actual rock. The catch is, there is a 100 foot drop between the tree and the rock. Show of hands, who wants to do it with me? *crickets, crickets*

This is the view from Cupid’s, a popular restaurant/club/bar on the island.

This is probably the best fish burger I have ever had. Look at tho picture, isn’t your mouth watering? I know, mine is too. This was a Marlin fish burger I believe. I could have easily eaten two of these. Now that I am looking at this picture though, they need to use this on their menu because I guarantee this would be a best seller if people saw this. To the girls that work at Cupid’s, sure you can use my picture. Thank me later… 🙂

Me, my boy, and one of the Cupid girls, who is an absolute sweetheart by the way, standing halfway up Sokehs Ridge.

Me and my little cousin. He nearly made me have a heart attack because he was literally RUNNING on the edge of the mountain! I had to tell him so many times to get away from the edge until finally I just grabbed his hand. I guess he didn’t understand my concern because he looked at me as if to suggest that I was treating him likek a little kid. Silly me…

This is a japanese gun left here from the war. We saw several of these up here. Im pretty sure this was an anti-aircraft gun. Also, all around the gun were little cubby holes where I am guessing they kept their artillery or maybe even slept there. Either way it was pretty cool!

Here is another one. And you can see the little cubby holes I was talking about…

I don’t know what kind of flower this is but it was pretty so I took a picture. It came out pretty good too!

Me, aunties, and another cousin…

This my friends is the famous Sakau. If you don’t know what it is, google it. If you are too lazy to google it I will just tell you. Sakau is a popular drink here on the island that is made from a root. The root is pounded over a stone until he juices are released. Then it is squeezed through a hibiscus leaf and sometimes mixed with water to thin it out. That byproduct is then bottled for consumption. No, not bottled by coca cola, bottled by the guy down the street lol. Its actually somewhat dangerous to drink it because if it is not in a clean manner, i.e. with clean water, then you could get really sick and even die in some cases. And because there is no way to really tell if it is clean or not, you are kind of just rolling the dice. I have already had food poisoning once while in The Philippines so I was a little reluctant to try it. My aunt assured me that the guy who made this bottle was good though so I trusted her and since you are reading this now, I didn’t die 🙂

The locals love this stuff I mean you can literally buy it anywhere on the streets. In my opinion I was not too fond of it. Yes I forced myself to drink it but no it did not go down easy. The taste can best be described as this: imagine you took a plant, any plant, and squeezed the juice out of the leaf then you mixed it with muddy water. Yea, it was just like that. Not only was the taste a little weird, but the consistency was enough to make me gag. For a second I thought it was coming back up, but I couldn’t wimpier in the face of a challenge so I finished it off. Two glasses was enough for me but next time I will try it again and hopefully it goes down easier.

Below is whats called “betel nut”. This is a nut that grows from trees very similar to palm trees. It grows in clusters kind of like grapes. The locals like to chew it. What the do is crack it open, add lime- which is the white stuff you see sprinkled inside of it, sometimes a cigarette- and yes literally they will take a cigarette and fold it in half and stuff it inside of the nut, and then wrap the entire thing in a leaf, and stuff it inside their jaw and chew on it. They spit the juice out which comes out a reddish brown color because of the leaf. Apparently when you wrap the leaf around the nut and chew it, the chemical reaction results in a red color. Its not unusual to see people with red or even black teeth around here.

Im glad that I was able to try some new things on this trip. One thing I have learned about traveling is that you should try the things that the locals do because it helps to really get in touch with their culture and experience it to the fullest. The betel nut though, I will have to save that for next time!

9 thoughts on “Kolonia, Pohnpei, Micronesia and my Extended Familia

  1. OMG I love all the family pictures! How cool is it to have family half way around the world that you didn’t even know. I want to give everybody a hug. God is truly amazing.

  2. Awwww im sooooo glad that you got to visit!!! I miss all my family out there!!! My cousin Kyle is the energizer bunny, I heard!!! the pics looks amazing, of course! Miss u and I hope to come out there late this yr =)

    1. LOL@Energizer Bunny…sometimes I actually think he is. However, Kyle was running on fumes the second night when we drank sakau with Andrew and Ricky and wasn’t his usual chatty self. It was indeed a pleasure spending time with Andrew, somehow it made me feel closer to you girls. I truly can’t wait to finally see you girls again!! 🙂

  3. Oh and I can’t fade the Sakau or betelnut either!! I drank Sakau for hours and you get used to the taste but it numbs ur tongue hahaha I thought it was supposed to make you drunk but it just made my tongue and lips get tingly! LOL it’s actually pretty interesting to see them make it. glad you got to see my auntie Pam! haven’t seen her in foreverrrrrrrrr….=)

  4. Andrew. This is amazing! You are truly the world traveler, including trying the different cuisine. Keep sharing and Be Blessed.

  5. Luv these pix! I’m homesick! now i wanna go home, lol! I’m so glad you had a chance to see my part of the world. Thanks for sharing these pics! God bless!

  6. Wow Drew! You are all over the place!!! I’m so glad you are adventurous. It would be a shame to get to visit all those places and not really EXPERIENCE them. And how cool is it to meet cousins half way around the world? Thanks so much for sharing all the pics. It gives me something to do at work when i don’t feel like working! Oops, did I say that out loud. LOL

  7. I came across your pics as I was helping my son do a project for school about his heritage. I haven’t been back to Pohnpei in 10 years so I loved seeing your pics. Brings back a lot of memories. Thanks for sharing. And the next time you go back you definitely have to try the pig…but stay away from eating dog…yuck!

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