NYE In Angeles City, Philippines

A few of my friends and I were were supposed to go on a little road trip to Angeles City for New Years Eve, 4 of us to be exact. Unfortunately, two of them could’t go. I had already reserved my hotel room before I even got to The Philippines so backing out simply was not an option for me. I would have gone by myself if nobody else did, but thankfully, one of my friends decided to go with me. He and I had a blast!!! Here are some of the pictures from the weekend…

Below is the view from my hotel looking at the mountains.

This man tried to sell me some random arts and crafts at like 11pm. I looked at him like “sir, what exactly am I supposed to do with a horn at this hour?” Needless to say, this was not enough to make him go away. They are very persistent out here!

I found it interesting that beside the McDonald’s they have this. Forget walking in to order your sunday, you can get your sweets direct from this little booth. I guess there is a huge demand for sweets because I have never seen this in the states.

This is looking down at the pool from one of my balconies.

The pool was pretty cool. As you can see, it goes around the bar so you can literally float up, place an order, and keep on floating over to the other side of the pool. Did I do this? OF COURSE I did!

Another view from the balcony.

Sitting poolside.

The Aqua Lounge was pretty dope. It was basically a spa with padded walls and floors and massage chairs, and showers, and all kinds of stuff. I didn’t make use of it but I did at least walk inside.

This was at the rooftop party at my hotel. We had a huge party on the helipad. Yes, my hotel has a helicopter. #ballin lol

Me and some of the hotel staff acting silly.

All in all this was a GREAT time for New Years! I doesn’t compare to the states but lets just say, I can get used to it! My next few weekends will be spent island hopping so make sure you check out the blog again soon! Happy New Year!

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