So I spent my Thanksgiving in Singapore. This was different because #1 I have never spent a Thanksgiving away from my loved ones in my life, and #2 I surely have never been to Singapore. All this time I thought Singapore was a city in Malaysia and come to find out, its a COUNTRY next to Malaysia. Ignorance is bliss, so what!? Anyway below are some pictures that I took yesterday while exploring the city. Me and my boy Paul literally just hopped on the first bus we saw and took it from there.

This is me and a few kids I met at a skate park somewhere on Orchard.

Yup, the boy still got it!

A busy intersection. Nothing special here, I was just snapping a pic lol

This place came highly recommended by my coworker. So when I got here we had to find it. It was ranked as one of the top 10 restaurants in the world! They specialize in making dumplings of all sorts. As it turns out, this was what I ate for Thanksgiving. A little different but absolutely delicious!!

These were the crab and pork dumplings. I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to mix crab and pork but it turns out they were on to something because these were BANGIN!!

Above is something called oriental wanton in like a chili garlic sauce. Different taste to get used to but man was it good!

This was braised beef brisket noodle soup. By the time I got to it I couldn’t even finish it. I had already had so many dumplings that my stomach was full. We definitely ordered more than we could eat but we had to try as much as we could suit was all worth it.

I reached in my pocket and pulled out three different currencies. I had to take a picture of that.

This is the fountain of wealth. You are supposed to put your hand in the water, walk  around it 3 times, and make a wish. Hopefully mine comes true.

The architecture here is bananas! This is just one of many crazy designs I saw out here. The thing you see at the top is something like a boat. Yes, a boat, sitting on the roof of a hotel. Who even came up with this idea? Crazy! Of course we had to finagle our way in to see the view from the top!

This is a soccer field (obviously) floating on the water. Oh, they also have a floating Louis Vuitton store that just floats around the harbor all day. We did not have enough time to go there but I will have to visit it on my next trip back.

Looking out over the city.

I don’t even know what the above object is, but it looked cool. It was in the museum leading up to the Singapore Flyer, the largest observation wheel in the world.

Below is us at the top of that hotel that had the boat on top. Yes, we were on the roof! They have a club, a couple bars, and a SICK pool up there. All this time I was thinking that I was ballin when I was in college on spring break or whatever. Now I realize we are on a whole new level!

Notice the pool behind us. Fly!




2 thoughts on “Singapore

  1. I love the currencies. Here’s a thought, how about starting a currency scrapbook? I would put dollar bills from everywhere you go in the book. This would be a fantastic keepsake!

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