These my friends are called jeepneys. They are all over the streets of Manila. Basically they are stretched jeeps that hold like 15-20 people. A lot of people use these as transportation similar to how we use buses.

Directly below are some of the cutest little girls. I was in Wendy’s and they saw my camera so they wanted to take a picture. When I got done eating we came outside and gave them the rest of our food. As much as I love this city, the poverty breaks my heart every day. All I can do is do what I can. I can’t change the world but if I can feed one child at a time, I will.

7 thoughts on “Jeepney

  1. They dont have on shoes, Andy, buy them some shoes. I dislike to see people living under these circumstances….. *looks into adoption* But they are too cute!

  2. I know that God has His hand on you and has blessed your life in many ways. No, you can’t save the world, that’s His job, but you can change it, make it better just by the life you lead. You can change a persons day by helping them, but you can change their life by teaching them to help themselves. Isn’t that the true essence of giving back? You have a big heart and will be profoundly affected by this experience, but this is just one in many on your path. Keep first to the path that brought you there and everything else God has in store for you will unfold as it should. I am so excited for you — man of the world. Be safe. Be humble. Stay prayerful. God bless.

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