The People

The people look alot of ways but there are some noticeable features that are shared. Over here they believe that lighter skin, as in close to white, is better so women that have a little more money will actually buy bleaching creams so they can be as fair skin as possible. Yea, I have no idea why they would wanna bleach themselves white, but hey, to each is own. I have indeed noticed that the women here are gorgeous. I didnt know it was possible to have so many pretty faces in one place.  Most of the girls here are thin. That seems to be the trend. Of course there are people of all differnt shapes and sizes but in general everyone is thin. Also, everyone is friendly. People are very willing to help yuo get from point A to point B and generally are very welcoming. The only problems I have had is communicating. Even though they speak english here, their english is not the same. Trust me. It definitely takes some getting used to and it helps if you know some Tagalog. (which I do)

One thought on “The People

  1. That entire skin bleaching thing is done here in the states too. The notion that lighter skin is connected to beauty is so tragic. It’s such a shame.

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