The Flight

The last leg of the trip was not too bad. I actually slept most of that flight which is funny because I slept very little during the longest leg, which sucked! I dont really know if the airport was huge because I only saw one section of it but it was definitely busy. The cool thing was that I had an expeditor and my sponsor come pick me up. When you first get off the plane, you have to go through immigration. That line is DUMB long. Im talking like hundreds of people. With my expeditor I went to a special “dip” line which of course had nobody in it. So I was able to breeze past everyone else in the line. It was essentially like coming out of the house at 1am to go to the “1000 bottles party” for Howard’s homecoming and being able to laugh at all the people that had been waiting in line for the last two hours and just walk right in VIP. Lol. Oh and yes indeed I was at least a foot taller than EVERYONE in sight. (and still am)

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